Monday, January 7, 2019

Global Winter Wonderland

After the craziness of the holiday hustle and bustle, we were able to finally check out Global Winter Wonderland, located at the Rio Hotel and Casino parking lot, and were pleasantly surprised with how much bigger it was than we expected!  We met up with our friends Jess and Scarlett, and let the kids explore "around the world" before letting loose on the carnival rides.

Global Winter Wonderland displays a variety of Chinese Lanterns, illustrating some of the world's most iconic landmarks allowing guests to travel around the world in one night.  We weren't quite sure what to expect with Chinese Lanterns, but they are actually really pretty in person and much more detailed than I imagined!  Some of our favorites included the castles and North American displays, and the kids' loved pointing out their favorites and really enjoyed the card maze!

Many different cultures and regions are represented through Global Winter Wonderland, and we enjoyed seeing different parts of the world such as Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe and the different types of lanterns displayed at each area.  I wish I had taken more pictures to illustrate how cool each one is!

Not only offering just Chinese Lanterns to tour, there is also a full entertainment schedule that includes cage motorcycle riders, tightrope walkers, and a real tented circus!  We only hopped in the circus tent to get some warmth and out of the rain before the show started, but we did notice some fire dancers to start the show, so I'm sure it doesn't disappoint!

We passed the food court, which is huge and has a variety of all of your carnival food favorites, as well as beer and wine!  Win/win for the kids and parents, if you're into festival food and drinks!

Finally, the kids were able to ride unlimited rides with our wristbands, and they had a blast!  It always amazes me how much fun carnival rides are for kids and how they light up over them.  We stuck to the smaller ones with all the kiddos, and Jess and Scarlett braved the Flying Bobs and survived!  We lasted through the rain for a bit, but once it started coming down more than sprinkles, we called it a night, and had a fun one at that.

Global Winter Wonderland will be in town at the Rio parking lot until January 21st, 2019!  If you're looking for a fun and unique thing to do with the family, this is a great place to be.  Tickets can be purchased on the website, and locals, bring your Nevada ID for a local discount!  Be sure to check out their website here or follow on Instagram to get hours and specials!  

Thanks so much to Global Winter Wonderland for hosting us!  

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year, New Us

I've had these pictures for three months, yet, could never find a way to start this post.  As I go through the motions each day, each week, each month passing by, some days are easier and others can be a struggle.  Most days are surprisingly decent, and I've learned I have a lot more strength in me than I ever knew.  Yet, writing it down and putting it out there is just still so weird for me.  I figured with a new year in sight, brings a new normal for our family, so what better time to share these photos than now.

Our family of four has decided to change.  

Thursday, November 1, 2018

A Day at ABC Kids Expo '18

The month of October kicks of the start of holiday festivities for us, but before all that goodness, the ABC Kids Expo is another exciting perk of the month!  I looked forward to attending the expo again this year, and applied for a media badge early on.  With our family dynamic changes and my start of full-time work, I was bummed to think I'd be unable to attend the show this year.  Fortunately, some days in my schedule switched around, and I was able to attend- even if it was just one day!  I packed up the kids and we prepped for a full day there... because last year was 2.5 days of craziness, and I knew I was about to pack in all of that in just a few hours!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

A New Holiday Favorite - Operation Halloween

With the arrival of fall, my planning goes into overdrive for seasonal and holiday activities around town to do with the kids.  It's probably one of my favorite times of the year, because there are just SO many fun things to see and do from the start of October all the way until the end of the Christmas season!  So, as October comes upon us.... my planning begins!

This year, we were lucky to be able to preview the newest indoor Halloween experience in town at Tivoli Village... Operation Halloween!  We were invited to their media night preview, and we were totally impressed with their festive, hands-on activities for the whole family, and the kids had the best time in each of their five themed rooms and over 55 minutes of imaginative fun!