Friday, October 25, 2019

A Look at Our Local Favorite Tees!

To say Nolan has just a few Golden Knights tees would be an understatement!  He requests one on most game days and I'm always on the hunt for some good, unique prints for anything VGK related for him.  We're often asked about Nolan's collection of VGK shirts, so I figured I'd share some of his favorites!  These are his current stash, which he's quickly outgrowing, so we'll be searching for some new designs and sizing up come Christmas/birthday time for him.  If you know of a shop you love, feel free to share with us!  Follow below for the ones pictured above. 

Threads of Envy is sold out of one of Nolan's most worn tees in "It's a Great Day for Vegas Hockey", but they have tons of other great designs, many on our wish list for future tees!  They also make one of the most popular hat designs for VGK wear that fans and players alike can be seen wearing all over town.  We also own their "Seven Zero Two" print that's one of their more popular sellers.  Follow the link to check them out and save by using code KELTON10 at checkout! 

These two logo tees were both found at Old Navy!  There are none available online currently, but I was in the store last week locally in Henderson, and they were fully stocked of various designs in all sizes- toddler boys/girls, boys, and adults.  (Acelyn's tee in the bottom picture is from Lids Locker Room, but from 2017 ("Rookie season").  

We've shared Wild Is Calling numerous times on our Instagram feed, because she's one of our fav fav favorite local small shops!  Her Knights Squad tee is a perfect alternative to something a little different and unique for VGK gear.  Nolan reaches for this one often and the material is super soft!  Follow the link for the above design, but also scroll down further to see more prints from her shop!  To save on this tee, use code Vgk2019 at checkout!

Store702 is in a transition period right now, but they had some great discounts that we picked up on during their liquidation sale.  Their "Future Vegas Hockey Star" and "Derek England is my Homeboy" tee run a little larger, and I'm hoping they will be back up and running their online store soon!  They did close their local retail store, but follow along on their Instagram as we wait for their re-opening for end of 2019 / beginning of 2020!

Nolan was gifted his Bark Andre Furry tee by the one and only, himself, at Nolan's 5th Birthday Party!  This adorable little pup has his own Instagram page and is VGK famous, and you can purchase all of his gear here!

This is another most-worn tee by Nolan, and was found at Dick's Sporting Goods last season.  They always have a great selection among ages and sizes, and one of my most-worn VGK tees comes from here, also.  There's tons available online, but locals can check out their stores for more, too!

On top of Golden Knights gear, I love finding local tees for him and he's learned a ton about the state of Nevada and to have some hometown pride just by us snagging these for him!  Since Nevada Day is literally a few days away, I figured we would share our favorites of Nevada/Vegas tees, too!  Even better, these small shops are all local and we always love supporting small biz!  Check them out below!

"Seven Zero Two" tee found at Threads of Envy (use the code above for discount!)

"Battle Born Kid + Born and Raised" tees found at Wild Is Calling (use the code above for discount!)

"Home Means Nevada" tee found at Home Means Nevada Co.  (They are currently running a buy 2, get 1 free promo until Nevada Day on October 31st!)

Monday, April 15, 2019

A Room Fit For A VGK!

For Nolan's fifth birthday, I decided I would revamp his room to the ultimate Vegas Golden Knights getaway, since he literally lives, sleeps and breathes all things VGK.  His room theme was still baseball, which was his nursery, then turned toddler room, and it was definitely time to switch it up to a more "big boy" appropriate aesthetic.  While we do love our VGK in our home, I definitely didn't want his room to be themed-out and logo-overkill, so I tried to keep it a little more simple and minimalistic, with VGK/hockey details thrown in.  The end result came out great, and although we would have loved to get new furniture to really pull the room together, I worked with what was within our budget and came out with something that not only I was proud of, but that Nolan absolutely adored.

{See bottom for all details on where his accessories and etc. are from!}

The main focal point of his (very small) room would be the bed!  I initially intended on purchasing a whole VGK bedding set from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but knew with the accessories I had, it would just be too much logo for one small room, for my liking, at least.  So, I kept it simple with solids as a bedspread and sheets, and super affordable from Target which allowed me to splurge on the accent pillows, instead.  Both VGK pillows were found at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and the throw was gifted to him for his birthday, made by Grandma.

The prints above his bed are ones I spotted at McKenzie River Pizza at City National Arena.  I love the patent prints and knew once I saw the Zamboni one, that it was the route I was going to take in making a "Hockey room" rather than solely VGK everything.  The felt ball garland is probably one of my favorite parts of his room, and gives that little pop of themed color needed with all the muted grays and solids.

His side table houses his okay-to-wake clock and an extra bed lamp, plus a bucket below full of his VGK Oyo players.  You can always find one of his five Terrible Herbst's Knights cups by his bed, too (and if anyone has a heads up on where we can get a Schmidt cup, he's the missing one to our six-cup collection)!

His closet system has been open since we transitioned from a nursery to a toddler room, and I love having his doors off to make the room a little more roomy.  In Nolan's case, half of his shirts and wardrobe are all Knights related, so it runs quite well to the theme!

We love housing all of our books in both kids' rooms, so the majority of Nolan's favorites are found in his wall shelf.  I kept the pennants to a limit of two in his room, although Nolan would choose to have about 50 if he could!

I love a simple letter board, and when I saw that Target had one in black and gray, I knew it needed to be an addition in his room.  Now that it's Playoff time, I need to make an update with, "WE WANT THE CUP!"

Behind his door, I hung pictures and little memories that Nolan loves to look at on a gold photo hanger from Ikea.  Before, he had a clothespin display, and I like that Acelyn can't rip these off on the daily.

On top of his dresser, Fleury and Engelland watch over him, while his autographed pucks are kept in safe keeping in a jar we reused from his old baseball themed room.  As far as all his other VGK memorabilia, I created a portfolio book for him to keep all his game posters, tickets, and any VGK related "thing" he's collecting in that book to keep from ripping.  He loves flipping through to see his collection on the weekly.

He received two VGK posters between birthday and Christmas gifts, so we framed those and kept the rest of the wall simple, while hanging his jerseys to display.

And, because he's still five, he does have random toys kept in his cubby in his closet, as well as his fire house in the corner to play.  Simple is best and we love how this system works for us!  See below for all the details and feel free to ask about anything I may have forgotten!

Comforter: Target, but no longer available online 
Sheets: Target
VGK Pillow (large): Bed, Bath and Beyond, in store only
VGK Pillow (smaller): Bed, Bath and Beyond, in store only
Birth Stats Pillow: PCB Home
VGK Throw: Made by Grandma
VGK Puppy & Sweatshirt: Build a Bear
Chance Stuffy: Vegas Sports and Hockey
Wall Prints: Gatto Stamps
Felt Ball in VGK colors: The Fickle Felt Tree 
Letterboard: Target
Gold Lamp:  WalMart
Great Day for Vegas Hockey tee: Threads of eNVy; use code Kelton10 for a discount on anything in the store!
Knights to Remember Inaugural Season Book: Gifted to us, but can be found HERE
VGK Portfolio Book (VGK Sticker added by us): Amazon
Z for Zamboni Book: gifted to us, but can be found HERE
Posters: Gifted, but can be found at The Arsenal or The Armory 
Marc Andre Fleury figure: Gifted to us, but can be found at The Arsenal or The Armory
Gold photo hanger:  Ikea

Monday, February 4, 2019

Inchbug Labels for School Days {a&n Share It All}

Well, as you'll tell from the pictures below (and how it's Christmas in February, obviously), we've been on a blogging hiatus over here, between holidays and family in town, fighting winter germs and sickness, and surviving single mom-status and balancing work life plus Momming life plus keeping a household up... needless to say, it's been busy!  BUT!  We're back at it and I'm trying to make this a New Year's Resolution of getting some nightly me-time by blogging!  So here we go!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Global Winter Wonderland

After the craziness of the holiday hustle and bustle, we were able to finally check out Global Winter Wonderland, located at the Rio Hotel and Casino parking lot, and were pleasantly surprised with how much bigger it was than we expected!  We met up with our friends Jess and Scarlett, and let the kids explore "around the world" before letting loose on the carnival rides.